A reliable, independent SMSF audit solution to your needs.

B.I.T. Accountants is a Brisbane based firm. We provide independent Self Managed Superannuation Fund Financials services to Super Fund users, SMSF Administrators, Financial Advisers and Trustees in a compliant, efficient and cost effective way.

We have over 20 years of experience within the accounting and SMSF industry and have prepared financial accounts and tax returns for many funds of all sizes. As well as being a registered CPA, B.I.T. Accountants are also registered SMSF Auditors. Clients access our extensive knowledge base to ensure their fund remains compliant.

The number of SMSF funds we prepare has grown rapidly over the years. Our clients view us as being professional, timely and focused towards our customer’s needs. We are Technical SMSF Specialists and able to ensure your superannuation fund work is carried out independently and in compliance with legislative requirements.


Time and time again we see poorly prepared SMSF financial accounts and income tax returns. Accordingly, we have had to reject work and request it to be done again, often resulting in extra and unnecessary costs being incurred by the SMSF. B.I.T. Accountants understand the value in having your funds’ financial accounts and tax return prepared by qualified and industry experienced professionals.

We have years of experience in preparing your fund to ensure it is compliant to ATO guidelines. We can ensure the following items are completed; Operating Statement, Statement of Financial Position, Members Statements, Fund Income Tax Return and Audit Report.

Low fee providers, which at the time may seem like a bargain, can cost you more time and money than you might save. B.I.T. Accountants can provide a one-stop, fully compliant and professional service. Our quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness means your SMSF is in good hands. Many of our existing clients from the SMSF industry value the independence we provide in supplying a solution to their needs.

Other services we can provide include;

  • Preparation of Roll over documentation (members departing fund or closure fund)
  • Supervisory levy payable to ATO
  • Establishment of pensions
  • Actuarial Certificate
  • Annual PAYG form completion, BAS Preparation, IAS/PAYG/BAS correspondence from the ATO
  • Preparation of Audit Contravention Report , where ACR needs to be lodged with ATO


It’s time to talk with an Accountant.

You’ve been putting it off – it keeps you up at night – you feel anxious and concerned about the outcome.

The deadline is looming and you’re forced to make a decision. Who do reach out to, to protect your interests, to calmly explain your options, to give you confidence?

You want a professional job done at a realistic price and are tired of being over charged for poor service.

The team at B.I.T. Accountants understands you need to get to the heart of the accounting and audit issues quickly. You want an honest professional opinion detailing your options. Our straightforward approach ensures you save money, by saving you time. Our understanding and experience of SMSF will safeguard your interests.

Our clients deserve and will receive our highest quality of service each time. Contact B.I.T. Accountants to discuss your needs.

We have experience with all the above and where requested by clients we can provide the above services.

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    Accounts, Tax Return and Audit $890