A reliable, independent SMSF audit solution to your needs. B.I.T. Accountants audit services are cloud based, meeting the requirements of customers all over Australia.

Recent changes in legislation now mean that it can be difficult for you to service clients who require SMSF auditing. As a Registered Superannuation Funds Auditor, you can be assured your SMSF auditing is in the right hands whilst you continue to work with you clients. Many of our existing clients from the SMSF (Self Managed Superannuation Fund) industry value the independence we provide in supplying a solution for their needs. Our quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness means your SMSF fund clients are in good hands.

You can now lodge your SMSF audit documents with us securely online. Click here to lodge online.

Each Super Fund Audit is over 25 pages in length and our approach is constantly reviewed and modified to handle changes within the industry. Working with you or your valued super fund client, we can provide ancillary documents and a fast turnaround. We encourage a transparent relationship with accountants/clients in providing technical support for this sector of the market.

Our aim is to provide our super fund clients with the support that enables their compliance issues to be addressed, analysed and rectified. This can occur during the superannuation funds audit process or during yearly administration of the fund.

Over the years, our knowledge bank as SMSF auditors has grown so that we identify, deal with and rectify issues our super fund clients may have. You and your clients deserve working with knowledgeable SMSF auditors who understand the complex issues accountants/clients face when it comes auditing SMSF funds.

Our superannuation funds audit service means you can continue to work with you established client base and reduce your risk and liability when it comes to maintaining SMSF audit capability in your practice. B.I.T. Accountants are a highly regarded market leader, providing a high quality, professional and timely superannuation audit service to clients Australia wide.

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