Welcome to BIT Accountants

BIT Accountants offers accounting, taxation and financial services that work towards greater financial freedom and confidence.

Located in Annerley, QLD, BIT Accountants caters to clients with corporate and/or personal accounting needs. It does this efficiently through identifying that each client has a unique myriad of financial circumstances.

Therefore, the staff at BIT Accountants, offer a personalised service to all clients to ensure a timely, professional and effective result.


When you bring an issue to us, we’ll assess whether we can help, before promising the world. If we can’t help you, we will try to recommend someone who can. We are not here to waste your time and money. The point of our practice is not to squeeze every last cent from clients, if we do a job for you we will do the best possible job.

Our clients are loyal to us, because we are loyal to them.

Meet with us for a confidential discussion of your needs, simply call (07) 3891 9669.