Cautious SMSF Investors

Investors are still not rushing back into shares, managed funds or property. Many are still cautious about current trends in particular overseas markets and debt bail outs of countries such as Greece and Spain.

The December SMSF Investor Intentions Index reported that the concern level for investors for SMSF Investors is 6.4 out of 10, which compared to a peak of 7.6 during the GFC. SMSF investors hold the view of an expected capital return, excluding dividends of 5% over the coming 12 months from the All Ordinaries index with a similar expectation over a 5 year period.

Considering asset class, SMSF investors still continue to increase and accumulate in term deposits and cash only 6% of investors intend to decrease this over the next 12 months. At the same time opportunities exist with 47 % of SMSF investors perceiving blue chip stocks to be undervalued. Australians love affair with property still continues but 51% of trustees still see property as overvalued.

REMEMBER, the above are issues that auditors focus on when it comes to the audit of a SMSF. Our audits for funds start from $300 and follow a comprehensive audit plan.

DISCLAIMER: The above is general advice only, you should not act on this advice without consulting a professional adviser to discuss your personal circumstances.